O. Gail Poole, A Daughters Love | Season 4 Episode 406 | Gallery America

A woman who knows very little about the art, inherits responsibility for a cretive legacy.

I do a lot of things. Above is a special on OETA/PBS that aired April, 2019, about my work with my father’s art.


The late Oklahoma artist O. Gail Poole and daughter Nicole Poole featured tonight on OETA's 'Gallery America'

In July of 1890, Vincent van Gogh died in obscurity in Auvers-sur-Oise, France at the age of 37. Having succumbed to the same end as many a great artist, he left this world having never seen the success his work would become. Nicole Poole is determined not to let history repeat itself.

Interviews, photos and video: Oklahoma soundpainter Nicole Poole helps artists serve up creativity with soundpainting workshop

A version of this story appears in the Sunday Life section in The Oklahoman. The Walter Thompson Orchestra video below includes some strong language. Everything but the kitchen sink Soundpainting lets artists dish out creativity in real time NORMAN - It's not often you take a language lesson that involves keeping time with a whisk on the inside of a stainless-steel pot.

Keeping the artistic legacy of O. Gail Poole alive

Norman artist O. Gail Poole died at age 77 in 2013, less than a month after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was known in Norman, not just for producing a large and varied canon of fine art over decades, but for his large personality.