Oh, let’s do.

With 25+ years in the visual and performing arts, more often than not, I make interesting things happen.


I’m a SAG-AFTRA voiceover artist and audiobook narrator. I do like winning awards, but the true prizes go to those who write the stories and those who listen to them. I’m just the lucky sod who gets to tell them aloud.

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I am the curator and caretaker of an enormous catalogue of under-the-radar regional artwork that will blow your mind. It has been said, “if you can’t find something you like in this work, you just don’t like art.” Take that, Gagosian.

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Soundpainting is the art of live composition, and I’ve been doing it for a couple of decades now. I teach, perform, compose, and work with ensembles to maximize theatricality. “What?!” Calm down. Watch the videos, then we’ll chat.

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