“Nicole Poole is a freaking rockstar!”
— Audible.com

In others’ words…


“I am a self -proclaimed audiobook junkie. I have listened to over a thousand audiobooks and of those I have 53 that Ms. Poole has fully narrated or collaborated on. I have yet to come across another vocal performance as outstanding and diverse as her are. She truly brings characters to life and she makes it so easy to decipher between characters. By far she is my favorite narrator in the overflowing sea of audiobooks!”


“I am impressed by the way she gives each character a different voice and she does the accents really well too. I never could’ve imaged how a narration could add to a character, but it does. And I found that Nicole Poole manages to let the character's personality shine through in their voice."

— Lola verroen

“Nicole Poole narrated all my space opera audiobooks, and my fans rave over them. She handled the multiple points of view with ease, and did a fantastic job with the accents. My advice? Hire Nicole — she's the best!”

— Carol Van Natta, USA TODAY Bestselling Author of the Central Galactic Concordance series

“There have been very, very few times in my life where I have actually preferred to listen to the audio of a book vs reading it on my own. This is one of those times. If I did stop to read it, I read it in the characters voices that Nicole Poole perfected. And I do mean perfected. IT was amazing; I am completely blown away. The accents, inflections, everything was spot on. Her voice acting was as good, if not better than a television show (probably better, since i was very productive whilst listening to the series). The narrator brought every character to life and I’m so appreciative that I got to enjoy it!”

— Alyssa swanson